Hazard Communication Training Course

Hazard Communication
Understand new standardized hazard communication regulations
Module 1 Hazard Communication Introduction
Unit 1 Hazard Communication Introduction
Unit 2 Hazard Communication Introduction — Quiz
Module 2 Written Hazard Communication Program
This Module is designed to assist the employer in developing a Written Hazard Communication Program for their employees.
Unit 1 Written Hazard Communication Program
Unit 2 Written Hazard Communication Program — Quiz
Module 3 Labels & Other Warning Types
This Module delves into the proper labeling of hazardous shipping containers, workplace hazardous chemicals, and solid materials with some focus on pictograms, tags, symbols, and the like.
Unit 1 Labels & Other Types of Warnings
Unit 2 Labels & Other Warning Types — Quiz
Module 4 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
The Safety Data Sheet is designed to outline all hazards specific to a single chemical and to outline protective measures.
Unit 1 Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Unit 2 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) — Quiz
Module 5 Employee Information & Training
Employee information & training is vital in order for them to know how to react in chemical exposure situations such as spills or other potentially hazardous workplace events.
Unit 1 Employee Information & Training
Unit 2 Employee Information & Training — Quiz
Module 6 Chemical Trade Secrets Disclosure
Trade secrets of the chemical manufacturer, importer, or employer may kept confidential in regard to the specific chemical identity only under certain circumstances. This Unit will cover those special circumstances, as well as other information regarding the manufacturer's Trade Secrets.
Unit 1 Chemical Trade Secrets Disclosure
Unit 2 Chemical Trade Secrets Disclosure — Quiz