Lower Risk

According to federal laws, the generator of medical waste (the hospital, clinic or lab) is legally responsible for its proper disposal. If your medical waste hauler makes a mistake or has an accident involving your RMW, it can mean a liability issue for you.

Unlike many licensed medical waste haulers, Medmentum operates its own trucks and treatment facilities. We have 100% chain-of-custody control of your medical waste from the time it is picked up to the point where it is properly disposed.

We have extensive pollution and liability insurance and we can add your organization as additionally named on our policies.

Since our processing facilities are located near our pickup routes, your waste is processed quickly and efficiently. If you are currently using a medical waste hauler, you should ask how the waste is transported and processed once it leaves your facility. If they are sending it to a transfer station then on a to a remote processing facility, you may be exposing your facility to unneeded risk.