Medmentum instrumental in passage of Illinois medical waste law

Alice Hlavin and Rita Mayfield

Alice Hlavin, President of Medmentum, Inc., (left) and Illinois State Representative Rita Mayfield

For immediate release.

Illinois Legislators Craft Bill Reducing Regulation and Helping Small Business.

Medmentum is proud to announce the signing of Illinois HB 702 into law. The law amends a 20-year-old statute that requires shredding of certain types of medical waste prior to disposal.

While the original law was meant to improve public safety it actually had the opposite effect. “Shredding sharps—needles, scalpels, etc—used in medical procedures actually increased risk of accidental exposure since shredding destroyed the hard plastic sharps containers used to protect healthcare workers...

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Stericycle overcharges customers

Stericycle recently settled a lawsuit for overcharging its customers in New York. There are similar lawsuits underway in other states as well.

Here is a link to the article and below is the text of the article:

A.G. Schneiderman Announces $2.4 Million Settlement With Stericycle For Overcharging NY State And Local Entities

Medical Waste Disposal Company Profited From Improper Price Increases

Whistleblower Recovery In Taxpayer Protection Case Under Enhanced False Claims Act

Schneiderman: Corporations That Profit From Overcharging New York Taxpayers Will Be Held Accountable

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced today a $2.4 million settlement with one of the nation’s largest medical waste disposal companies, Stericycle, Inc...

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Ensuring sterility of regulated medical waste — Part 2

In the last post we reviewed how the regulated medical waste provider assures sterility by using a biological indicator. This post reviews how the lab that creates and certifies the biological indicators validates its quality.

Below I’ve marked up a recent certificate of analysis for a recent lot of biological indicators produced by Mesa Labs with brief explanations of a few data points.

Population is the number of live bacteria (colony forming units) in a 4 mL ampoule (4 million in this case).

The D-121 Value also known as the Decimal Reduction Time. It’s the time it takes to kill 90% of the bacteria at 121°C. In this lot of bacteria the time is about 108 seconds (1.8 minutes). At 132°C it takes about 5 seconds to kill the same amount of bacteria...

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Ensuring sterility of regulated medical waste — Part 1

Most regulated medical waste is sterilized with an autoclave. A high temperature, high pressure steam pressure cooker. How can you be assured that the waste is being properly sterilized?

This is the first in a mini series on the investigation of sterilization in the RMW world.

The most common way to determine if a particular autoclave cycle is sterilizing the medical waste is to use a biological indicator that gives positive indication of sterility. A common biological indicator is Geobacillus stearothermophilus. in the wild, this bacterium is found near thermal vents on the ocean floor. It’s resistance to heat makes it a good candidate to test sterilization...

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