This is how you pack an RMW box properly

To ensure maximum safety for your staff  (and our staff), please observe these tips when packing RMW boxes:

  • No loose sharps. All sharps must be in approved sharps containers (not detergent bottles, soda bottles, etc.)
  • Do not overfill the box. The lid should close easily and note the 45 lbs maximum weight limit
  • To minimize the chance of cross contamination, try not to disrupt the contents of the  box as you tie off the red liner. No need to seal it perfectly, just tie it closed by the corners.
  • Make sure there are no liquids in the bottom of the liner. Make sure all liquids are absorbed by something else.
  • No chemotherapy waste (contact us for explaination)
  • No radioactive waste
  • No bulk human tissue (amputated limbs, for example)